As the EV revolution continues to accelerate, it is critical that every touchpoint of the charging process is intuitive, seamless, and convenient for drivers. With that in mind, we’re proud to unveil the EverCharge mobile app – a trifecta of cutting-edge technology, modern design, and thoughtful features to make charging with EverCharge easier than ever.

Highlights of the EverCharge app include:

  • A light-touch experience: Whereas various EV charging apps can take several minutes to install and setup, the EverCharge app was designed with the utmost efficiency in mind. In the future, drivers will be able to launch the app simply by scanning a QR code at an EverCharge station – no install required. The EverCharge app is also available for download in both the Apple and Android app stores.
  • Sign in and pay with your phone: The EverCharge app utilizes the user’s existing Apple or Google ID to eliminate the hassle of creating additional login credentials. Apple Pay and Google Pay are supported on each respective platform for secure and seamless payments.
  • Enhanced privacy: The EverCharge app leverages the latest technology from each respective OS platform for a secure, privacy-safe experience. No personal data, such as payment information, is stored or retained within the app. App attestation is used to ensure the app you’re using is an official app from EverCharge.

The initial release of the app is launching at a select number of our EverCharge open-access community stations across the US. In addition to operating community charging infrastructure, EverCharge specializes in charging solutions for commercial fleets, multi-family, and single-family homes. Following the initial launch, we plan to expand the app’s functionality to support our multi-family and single-family charging customers.